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Screenshot Capture
Single Capture
It captures the screenshot of the current viewport and saves to the default location as a JPEG file.
Full Page Capture
It captures a full page screenshot of current webpage and saves to the default location as a JPEG file.
Automatic Capture
There are two modes for automatic capture
--> Basic mode
In Basic mode, you can repeatedly capture screenshots of the same webpage. Simply set the number of screenshots you want to take and the time interval between each screenshot.
--> Advanced mode
Advanced mode allows to set up schedules for multiple webpages. You can specify specific times and days of the week for capturing screenshots.
Video Capture
Record (Beta)
Record allows you to capture web page activities and save them as a video. Record function does not record any audio of the webpage.
Browser Controls
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Pageshot Pro is offered with perpetual licensing, that means you'll have lifetime access to the app, allowing you to use it for as long as you need without any limitations. And that's not all! For the first year following your purchase, you'll also receive free updates to the app.