Web Screenshots with Ease

The ultimate tool for capturing website screenshots effortlessly.

Just like using a normal browser.

macOS Intel / Apple Silicon.

Key Features

Full page screenshot capture

Capture entire web pages, including the parts not visible on the screen. Get a comprehensive view of websites and preserve the entire layout and content.

Auto capture on schedule

Schedule automatic captures of web pages at specified intervals. Set it up once and let our tool take care of capturing screenshots for you, ensuring you never miss an update.

Demo production (Beta)

Transform your captured screenshots into stunning demo photos and videos. Showcase your work or create engaging presentations with our easy-to-use conversion tools.

Behind login content

Pageshot Pro allows you to capture screenshots of websites that require login credentials. Easily capture and document private or restricted content without any hassle

Screenshots stay local

All screenshots captured stay on your local machine. Your privacy is respected and your sensitive data never leaves your computer.

Pay once, use forever

Pageshot Pro runs on your local machine. Say goodbye to recurring charges or usage-based fees.

License Pricing


Perfect for individuals


  • Unlock automation features
  • Remove watermark
  • Up to 1 device
  • Pay once, use forever
  • 1 year of updates


Ideal for businesses


  • Switchable Seats